Date: 18 August, 2017 - Print

File size: 526.57 kB Customs VAT and Taxation Amendments 2017
File size: 656.65 kB Gazette Notice No 36 of 2017
File size: 169.48 kB Gazette Notice No 27 of 2017
File size: 63.63 kB VAT Registration Application Form
File size: 64.32 kB VAT Refund Form
File size: 18.35 kB Registration of Employee Form P4
File size: 167.96 kB Provisional Tax Payment Form
File size: 56.67 kB Fringe Benefit Rax Registration Form
File size: 75.56 kB Form P12
File size: 27.86 kB Certificate of Employee Leaving
File size: 51.6 kB Adjustment to VAT Return Form
File size: 1597.17 kB VAT Act Regulations
File size: 33.39 kB Application for Registration Income Tax and Value Added Tax (Business) 2017
File size: 12.13 kB MRA Tip Offs Anonymous Service
File size: 462.98 kB MRA Act
File size: 5688.37 kB Malawi Gazette dated 25th June 2015 (VAT and C and E Act Amendment Bills)
File size: 7686.42 kB Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) Regulations Gazette 2014
File size: 28.15 kB Withholding Tax Registration Form
File size: 111.46 kB VAT Return Form VAT 3
File size: 21.94 kB VAT Registration Form - VAT 1
File size: 20.63 kB VAT Return Form VAT 4
File size: 213.59 kB VAT Amendment Bill 2006
File size: 200.92 kB Turnover Tax Return Form
File size: 39.44 kB Cheque Depisit Slip - Standard Bank
File size: 152.87 kB Cheque Depisit Slip - National Bank
File size: 119.08 kB Summary of Withholding Tax Form
File size: 550.63 kB Self Assement Form - Individual
File size: 529.87 kB Self Assement Form - Companies
File size: 53.48 kB PAYE Registration - Form P1
File size: 77.32 kB PAYE Deductions - Form P9
File size: 158.27 kB Penalties and Interests for Non-payment of Taxes
File size: 14.96 kB Electronic Funds Transfer Form - LTO
File size: 191.46 kB Income Tax Return for Individual - ITF 1
File size: 129.62 kB VAT Income Tax and Turnover Registration Form
File size: 14.9 kB Income Tax and VAT Registration Form - Individuals
File size: 157.97 kB Income Tax Form - ITF 12
File size: 37.72 kB How to File an Income Tax Return - Companies
File size: 38.55 kB How to File an Income Tax Return - Individuals
File size: 3772.17 kB VAT Refund - Form ST 11
File size: 23.79 kB Certificate of Employee Leaving Form - P5
File size: 147.59 kB Manufactures Under Rebate Form - 81
File size: 379.58 kB Application Form to use Compnay Cheques
File size: 18.43 kB Income Tax and VAT Registration Form - Business
File size: 266.61 kB Amended Application form for company cheques
File size: 533 kB Accounts Information Sheet for Companies
File size: 531.59 kB Accounts Information Sheet for Individuals
File size: 835.73 kB 2015-2016 Tax Measures-Schedule of tariff amendments

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