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The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has introduced ‘Kuiphula ndi Lisiti Langa’ campaign which will run for three months, commencing on 11th January, 2021 and ending on 31st March, 2021. 

The campaign will reward a buyer with K50,000 for reporting non-issuance of EFD receipts. The reward will be given after verification of the offence and charging of K500,000 penalty by EFD inspectors

The ‘Kuiphula ndi Lisiti Langa’ campaign will initially commence in the central business areas of Blantyre and Limbe only. The central business areas of Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba will commence in the following week.

Buyers in Blantyre will be contacting MRA directly via voice-call by phone number 0885 514 939 and 0885 514 934.

Launching the campaign before the media at Msonkho House in Blantyre on Tuesday this week, MRA Deputy Commissioner General Mr Henry Ngutwa said the main objective of the campaign is to encourage voluntary tax compliance where Value Added Tax (VAT) registered traders consistently issue correct EFD receipts.

“Where VAT has succeeded, it has been shown that the public has been actively involved and engaged in the process.  We need everyone to swiftly inform us where they have not been issued with an EFD receipt or where you have not been issued with a correct receipt.

“We have incentivised the demanding of EFD receipts with this campaign. Once reported, MRA officials will hasten, to verify the offence and the informant will receive a cash reward on the same day upon proof of the offence,” the Deputy Commissioner General said.

He added that in addition to the instant cash prize, the biggest prize of all is that by demanding an EFD receipt, the public will be developing Malawi since timely payment of tax enables the Government to accomplish development programmes countrywide such as construction of schools, roads, hospitals and various infrastructures.

“The taxes that we all pay provide necessary resources for the Government to train and pay teachers, doctors, members of security service and civil servants in general. The work that these sectors of the public service undertake is central to the attainment of economic stability and growth of Malawi.

“Therefore, when you demand issuance of that EFD receipt, MRA is assured that VAT is well accounted. It means you are putting medicines into our hospitals, building more schools and constructing roads,” said the Deputy Commissioner General.

In his presentation, MRA Head of Corporate Affairs Steven Kapoloma said with the ‘Kuiphula ndi Lisiti Langa’, buyers will be rewarded for reporting EFD offences committed by VAT registered traders.

“The offences include the following; fiscal receipt is issued but not reflecting the correct amount paid, receipt issued but not fiscal receipt, no receipt issued at all to the buyer. When this occurs, buyers can call us directly or walk-in at our designated zone offices located at Limbe and Blantyre Post offices,” he said. 

EFDs have been in operation since the year 2014 and they play a crucial role of assisting the Authority to enhance collection of VAT.


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