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Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS)

Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS)

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What is ITAS?

ITAS is an acronym for Integrated Tax Administration System, a generic term used to describe a modern computer system that automates end-to-end tax processes. The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is implementing ITAS in the Domestic Taxes Division (DTD). The Authority would like to rebrand ITAS so that it should have an appropriate name, logo and tagline. The Best Name, Best Logo and Best Tagline will be decided through an ITAS National Competition.

Why is MRA implementing ITAS?

The functionality of the DTD’s current transactional computer systems is limited to rudimentary registration and taxpayer accounting for assessments and payments. Most of the processes are executed in a manual environment and consequently the process data generated is also substantially manual.

Manual processes and data present a myriad of challenges including security of data, access to the data, integrity of the data as well as extraction of the data for reporting and analysis. It is the DTD’s objective to automate all processes and shift from manual to electronic data.

Therefore, the main objective of implementing ITAS is to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in tax compliance management and taxpayer service management by improving and automating business processes in DTD. The system is intended to fully support all aspects of tax administration and reporting in a manner that assures compliance with all pertinent laws, regulations, standards and principles in addition to the other functionalities it will provide.

Benefits of ITAS to Taxpayers and the General Public

•    Reduced physical contacts with tax offices
•    24/7 availability of tax office services independent of location
•    Speedy processing of requests
•    Ready access to tax account statements
•    Accurate data on tax position
•    Up-to-date correspondence records
•    Electronic communications (notifications and alerts)
•    Fairness and equity
•    Faster tax refunds

Benefits of ITAS to the Government

•    More efficient tax administration
•    Improved revenue forecasting
•    Reliable data for policy and decision making
•    Improved revenue adequacy

Benefits of ITAS to the Malawi Revenue Authority

•    Accurate taxpayer register
•    Single view of taxpayer compliance obligations
•    Easier detection of non-compliance
•    Timely and consistent remedies against non-compliance
•    Improved compliance levels
•    Improved transparency in operations
•    Real-time dashboards
•    Non-exclusive access to taxpayer records
•    Automated monitoring of tasks
•    Proactive alerts
•    Efficient document management (electronic records)
•    Improved effectiveness of staff
•    Quicker and easier response to changes in the law, business environment and technology
•    Improved risk-based compliance management via data analytics

When will be the ITAS Solution be delivered?

The project is anticipated to be completed during a period of thirty six (36) months and will be implemented through a phased approach, with registration, returns, payments and taxpayer and revenue accounting being delivered in the first phase. The complete system is expected to be rolled out from around April 2019.

Implications of ITAS implementation on Taxpayers

With the implementation of ITAS, taxpayers will take a more active role in managing their tax affairs.
In order to ensure they are meeting all their tax obligations on time, taxpayers will need to learn more about tax compliance obligations as well as learn how to use the online facility provided by the ITAS for submitting information to the MRA as well as receiving information from the MRA. Some services to be provided online include registration, return filing, payments, account statements and certificate requests.



The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is an agency of the Government of Malawi responsible for assessment, collection and accounting for tax revenues. The Authority is implementing an Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS), a modern system that automates end-to-end tax processes. The main objective of implementing ITAS is to enhance tax compliance through efficient and effective domestic tax administration and first class taxpayer service driven by automated business processes.

2.ITAS Branding

The Authority would like to brand ITAS so that it should have an appropriate name, logo and tagline. To achieve this, the Authority has organized a National Competition to come up with Best Name, Best Logo and Best Tagline for ITAS as follows:

3.Best Name

The Best name for ITAS should have the following qualities;

•Must be simple, short, positive, distinctive, memorable, catchy and pronounceable
•Must communicate the vision and purpose of the ITAS Project
•Must communicate the value proposition, benefits and features to different types of taxpayers and other stakeholders
•Should be suggestive that taxpayers will be making online payments

4.Best Logo

As the major graphical representation of ITAS, the Best Logo must anchor the ITAS brand and should become the single most visible manifestation of the automation project. The Best ITAS Logo should have the following qualities;
•Must be simple and easily recognizable
•Must be unique, distinctive and well-designed
•Must be appropriate, versatile, relevant, memorable, timeless
•Must be targeted towards taxpayers
•Must be in line with MRA brand products

5.Best Tagline

The ITAS Project needs a tagline with the following qualities;
•Must be simple, clear, concise, relevant and consistent
•Must communicate what ITAS is all about
•Should be reflective of the ITAS brand
•Must tell the key benefits of ITAS to taxpayers
•Must represent its vision and purpose

Please, note that the Best Logo, Best Name and Best Tagline must be owned and trademarked to avoid intellectual property infringements.


There are three categories namely Best Logo, Best Name and Best Tagline. The ITAS National Competition is open to MRA members of staff and all members of the general public. The following are the prizes for each of the three categories;

Best LogoK800,000
Best NameK500,000
Best TaglineK300,000

7.Submission of Entries

If you are interested to take part in the ITAS National Competition, please submit your entries to itascompetition@mra.mw and clearly indicate in the subject area the category of the competition you would like to enter. The subject of the email must clearly indicate ITAS National Branding Competition/Logo or Name or Tagline. Alternatively, you can send you entries to the following address by clearly indicating the category of the competition you would like to enter;

ITAS National Branding Competition/Logo or Name or Tagline
Corporate Affairs Division, Malawi Revenue Authority,
Msonkho House, Independence Drive, Private Bag 247, Blantyre.

Entries should be submitted by 5pm on 8th September, 2017. You can get more information about the ITAS Project by calling the Corporate Affairs Division on 01 820 563 during working hours.

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