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What can you do on Msonkho Online

What can you do on Msonkho Online

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As an individual or a company you can manage your tax affairs in one place using Msonkho online. All you need is to create your Msonkho online account to access online services.

Once your Msonkho online account is created and you have your TIN, username and password, you will be able to do the following on Msonkho online:

  • Registers as a taxpayer online.
  • File tax returns online in the comfort of your offices/homes
  • Make payment for various domestic taxes: PAYE, FBT, WHT, Income Tax, Turnover tax, VAT and domestic Excise.
  • Check the status of your account for any of the taxes.
  • Make or submit objections and appeals online.
  • Apply for exemptions as provided under the VAT and Taxation Act online.
  • Apply for refunds online.
  • Check the status of your application for refunds or exemption.

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