Cross border traders learn taxation

Cross border traders learn taxation

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) recently conducted taxation workshops with some taxpayers including minibus operators, employers, lodge, inn and hotel operators across the country.

The main objective of the workshops was to explain and clarify the new tax measures that were announced by the Government recently.

Speaking at one of the workshops in Blantyre for cross border traders, the Head Corporate Affairs in MRA, Steven Kapoloma, said following the enactment of the new tax measures, MRA felt duty bound to meet the sectors in the economy that have been affected by the new law.

‘’I, therefore, encourage each one of you to be attentive and understand the new changes and fully comply with the new regulations,’’ emphasized Kapoloma.

He further hinted that tax laws are meant to be abided by the citizens of the country and if they have different views, they better engage the Government because MRA’s mandate is only to implement the law.

‘’We are here to explain and clarify the new tax measures only and not to change the law because that is not our mandate as MRA,’’ he added.

In response, the Chairperson for Cross Border Traders Association of Malawi Blantyre Chapter, Bridget Malema, hailed MRA for holding the meeting but urged MRA to lobby the Government to reduce import duty rates in favour of cross border traders considering that their businesses are small and they would want to grow.

The meeting in Blantyre attracted over one hundred cross border traders from Blantyre and surrounding districts such as Mwanza, Mulanje, Zomba, Balaka and Machinga.




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