Govt lauds MRA, NRB partnership

Govt lauds MRA, NRB partnership

Government has commended the partnership established between the National Registration Bureau (NRB) and Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

The Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Honourable Cecelia Chazama M.P, said this on Thursday 5th April 2018 when the two bodies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The MoU facilitates for MRA to adopt the National Identity Card as the main reliable document when it comes to identification processes.

NRB, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, signed the MoU with the Authority at Msonkho House in Blantyre.

“The National ID is the only document available in Malawi that proves that the identity of a card holder corresponds 100 percent with the information contained in it. The security features embedded in the card makes it close to impossible to forge.

“Therefore, this agreement will enable MRA together with NRB and the Government as whole to utilise the transformative powers of this new tool to better serve Malawians,” Honourable Chazama said.

MRA Commissioner General Mr Tom Gray Malata said the MoU is meant to only confirm details regarding identification of a taxpayer from the NRB who are mandated to hold the National Register in the country.

“MRA will interface with NRB to confirm if indeed the information provided to us is authentic. This process will enable MRA to have an effective platform for prevention of multiple or fraudulent and fabricated registrations by taxpayers,” he said.

The Commissioner General then appealed to the general public to provide their information correctly and honestly when registering for tax.

He emphasised that it is the duty of everyone earning income here in Malawi to voluntarily register and pay their fair share of the taxes due to the Government on time and in full.  

“The taxes we pay enable the Government to train and pay teachers, doctors, and members of security service. These services are central in the achievement of economic stability and growth of Malawi,” he said.

Speaking earlier, NRB Chief Director Mr. Harry Kanjewe said the National ID and the MoU now in place will result in more effective public service as it will save time and costs that were incurred in the past verifying and confirming identities of taxpayers.



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