Mangochi tourist operators applaud MRA for tax education

Mangochi tourist operators applaud MRA for tax education

As the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) continues its effort in educating the taxpayer, tourist operators in Mangochi have hailed the Authority for conducting more meetings with taxpayers in the district on taxes that affect them.

The remarks were made recently by the Chairperson of Mangochi Tourism Association, Patricia Lunguzi, when the Authority organized a half-day workshop with lodge, inn and hotel operators in the district.

Lunguzi commended MRA for making every effort to create awareness on taxes that has enabled them to comply with the tax laws and in the process reduced the penalties they used to suffer for failure to operate in line with tax regulations.

“For example, this workshop has accorded us an opportunity to know the various tax incentives on offer that we can utilize and import goods at a lower cost and grow our businesses,’’ said Lunguzi, adding that they would appreciate if MRA engaged them more regularly.

Opening the workshop, a Senior Customs Officer, Griffin Chitekwe, informed the participants that MRA had intensified its taxpayer educate programmes to ensure that all businesses are covered and encouraged the audience to attend MRA meetings in large numbers.

‘’As you might have seen, during this meeting, we have unpackaged a number of Customs Procedure Codes (CPCs) that you can enjoy. Use them to reduce your operational costs’’ appealed Chitekwe.

During the workshop, MRA made presentations on the recent Domestic Taxes and Customs & Excise amendments that affect the tourist industry including the CPCs on offer.




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