Michiru private secondary schools commend MRA

Michiru private secondary schools commend MRA

Members of staff at Michiru Private Secondary Schools in Blantyre have commended MRA for making tax presentations in schools to complement what teachers deliver in class.

The sentiments were made recently by one of the Head teachers of the schools, Mr. Molise Kaboni, when MRA conducted taxpayer education at the two institutions.

“We feel honoured to welcome you here at our schools. The students have learnt quiet a lot that will enable them to do well in their examinations,’’ said Kaboni amid applause from the students.

In her presentation, Taxpayer Education Specialist, Thokozani Chiwaya, drilled the students on areas such as two main taxes administered by MRA, the role of MRA, how tax laws are made, calculation of taxes and challenges MRA faces when administering taxes, among others.

A cross section of Michiru Girls Secondary School students who attended the MRA presentation

“While your short-term objective for now is to pass the examinations, our wish is that you should use the knowledge gained to be tax compliant in future,’’ hinted Chiwaya adding that the Government introduced taxation in the school syllabi to build a very strong foundation for tax compliance in the country.

During the lessons, students wanted to find out what mechanisms MRA has put in place to deal with tax evaders and smugglers and the punishments associated with such offences. They also wanted to know the incentives MRA provides for tax informants, among others.

MRA made tax presentations to Form 3 and 4 classes and the students assured the facilitators that they will pass taxation with high grades.

Chiwaya was accompanied to the two institutions by Edgar Mpelepele.

By Edgar Mpelepele


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