MRA challenges Cross Border Traders on regional trade agreements

MRA challenges Cross Border Traders on regional trade agreements

Business people in the country have been challenged to utilize various trade agreements that Malawi signed with other countries in the region in order to expand their businesses.

The call was made recently by Mc Hizzal Kawanga, Manager Taxpayer Education, in Muloza when MRA made tax presentations on various processes and procedures relating to Customs & Excise as well as Domestic Taxes.

Kawanga observed that Malawi is a party to many trade agreements in the region like SADC and COMESA but many business people do not utilize such facilities as expected and this was really worrying.

Participants listen attentively to MRA presentation during the workshop

On this note, he appealed to business people in the country more particularly cross border traders to take advantage of the existing trade agreements when importing or exporting goods to other countries in order to pay less taxes or none at all.

β€œIt pains me to see few businesses importing or exporting goods to other countries using the SADC or COMESA trade agreements when these facilities are open to all,’’ he lamented, adding that was why some people wrongly accuse MRA of favouritism and react angrily when full duty is imposed on their merchandise.

In his presentation at the same meeting, Ralph Banda, Manager Domestic Taxes Division- Technical - explained how various taxes such as Pay As You Earn, Withholding Tax, Provisional Tax and Value Added Tax are operated and administered. He also hinted on the need for taxpayers to submit tax returns and pay taxes when due promptly and avoid penalties and interests.

In their response, the business people applauded MRA for holding the meeting in their area and appealed to the Authority to organize more of such meetings in future. Over sixty business people attended the half day workshop.

By Napo Simkonda


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