MRA engages gaming and betting operators on New Tax Measures

MRA engages gaming and betting operators on New Tax Measures

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on Wednesday 6th October 2021 conducted a half-day workshop with players in the betting and gambling industry in Blantyre.  

The meeting was convened to explain and clarify the 2021/22 new tax measures relating to withholding tax on winnings on betting and gambling as well as excise tax, among others.

Kapoloma opening the workshop

In his opening remarks, Steven Kapoloma, Head Corporate Affairs, thanked the participants for coming to attend the workshop as their presence demonstrated their willingness and desire to work with MRA for the common good of the country.

On this note, he encouraged the participants to ask as many questions as possible to enable MRA explain and clarify the new changes they did not well understand.

 “This meeting will have no impact if at the end of the business some issues remain unresolved,’’ said Kapoloma, noting that MRA believes that tax compliance in the country can only be improved if taxpayers’ issues are addressed promptly.

During his presentation, Kapoloma, among others, defined “winning” in the gaming industry saying this is “any payment made to any person who wins a bet, a gamble or any gaming activity including a lottery.”

In this regard, he advised the casino and betting operators that the law is very clear on what is expected of them and there was no ambiguity in the definition of a win as some quarters believed.

Echoing Kapoloma’ s sentiments, Lawrence Chikoko, Director of Operations at Malawi Gaming Board, observed that the new tax law offers more advantage to the operators in the industry and as such they needed to comply with the change.

The casino and betting operators in their response assured MRA that they would apply the law and if need be, they would consult MRA accordingly.

The workshop was conducted under the theme: “Demystifying the Myths, Imaginations and Conjectures Relating to the 2021/22 Tax Amendments to the Betting and Gambling Industry.

Well known operators who attended the workshop were from DBR International, Casino Marina, MMG Limited and Premier Lotto, just to mention a few.

By Napo Simkonda


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