MRA holds indaba with top Cross-border Traders

MRA holds indaba with top Cross-border Traders

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) recently engaged the National Executive Committee members of the Cross-border Traders Association of Malawi in Lilongwe. The meeting was as a result of previous consultative meetings that involved MRA, Ministry of Trade, Parliament and the Cross-border traders.

At one of such meetings, it was agreed that MRA should mount intensive awareness among cross border traders to fill the information, knowledge and skills gaps the traders have regarding the importation and exportation of goods.  

Opening the meeting, Mc Hizzal Kawanga, Manager Taxpayer Education, applauded the good working relationship that existed between MRA and cross border traders in the country.

He added that MRA appreciates the contribution cross border traders make by paying taxes at the borders which has enabled the Government to provide various development projects and social facilities to the people of Malawi more particularly in rural areas.

On this note, he disclosed that MRA had allocated over K25 million for conducting intensive awareness among cross borders in the country in order to equip them with more information and knowledge on various processes and procedures they need to follow at the border stations.

Kawanga, therefore, urged the audience to fully utilize the initiatives the Authority was employing to educate them on matters of taxation, otherwise the huge expenditure will be expended in vein.
In her remarks, the President for Cross border Traders Association of Malawi, Esther Chukambiri, commended MRA for the timely response to conduct the awareness among cross border traders, adding that members of her association will benefit a lot since most of them are new and lack the requisite information for importing and exporting goods. The meeting was attended by thirteen executive members drawn from all the corners of the country.


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