MRA, Mangochi businesses agree to work together for good of Malawi

MRA, Mangochi businesses agree to work together for good of Malawi

The Commissioner Customs & Excise, Fredrick Mpeusa, has underscored the need for MRA and taxpayers to work in harmony for the common good of the country.

The sentiments were made recently in Mangochi when he presided over a high-level meeting comprising MRA and representatives of used motor vehicle importers, transporters and Kabaza operators.

The Commissioner observed that there were many motor vehicles in Mangochi that were not cleared through Customs partly because the people in possession of the vehicles were not aware of Customs processes and procedures relating to importation of goods.

He added that he was aware that many motor vehicles were brought into the country through Temporary Importation Permits (TIPs) but these were left in the hands of relations who did not have adequate knowledge on Customs clearance procedures.

The Commissioner Customs & Excise, Fred Mpeusa, addressing the audience at the meeting

He assured the businesses that MRA will always seek amicable solutions when handling tax issues with them than taking a militant approach when handling their tax matters.

“We will always seek peace than confrontation when addressing tax issues with you. This is the only way we can jointly work together to develop this country,’’ he said.

On this note, he urged those in possession of motor vehicles that were either smuggled or on expired TIP to take them to MRA offices for proper Customs clearance.

Taking their turn, the participants who came in large numbers commended MRA for organizing the meeting in the district and expressed their satisfaction in the way MRA addressed their questions and concerns.

The participants also applauded the Authority for taking a soft approach with them and assured MRA that they will take all their uncleared vehicles to Chiponde for proper clearance in line with the law.

They then urged MRA to consider regularly holding such meetings among businesses in the district adding that they benefitted a lot from the presentations MRA made during the meeting.

The Commissioner Customs & Excise was accompanied by senior officers from the Customs & Excise Division like Abigail Kawamba and Ethel Chitsulo. Steven Kapoloma, Head Corporate Affairs and Mc Hizzal Kawanga, Manager Taxpayer Education were also in attendance.

These were joined by Station Managers for Chiponde Customs border station and Mangochi Domestic Taxes Division and others.



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