MRA rallies taxpayers to access VCW

MRA rallies taxpayers to access VCW

With two months to go before the Voluntary Compliance Window (VCW) closes, the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is directly engaging taxpayers and members of various business groups to utilise the opportunity.

The Authority is conducting online meetings with taxpayers. So far, those who have already been directly engaged include accountants, lawyers, engineers, agro-dealers and members from the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI).

In his presentation with Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM) and their members, MRA Head of Corporate Steven Kapoloma emphasised that the window is still open till 31 October this year for taxpayers to benefit.

“VCW is offering opportunity for taxpayers to settle their tax arrears and other tax obligations without paying penalties, interests or any charges. It has been running since April 2020 and as of now, over 400 taxpayers are taking part,” he said.

Kapoloma advised the participants to apply by completing a VCW Application form that are accessible from stations and the MRA website www.mra.mw. Completed VCW forms can be submitted by uploading them on the website or email vcw@mra.mw

He said registered taxpayers who have not been paying taxes, filing tax returns or filing incorrect tax returns are eligible to apply for VCW. Non-registered taxpayers who have been making taxable transactions but have not been paying taxes or filing tax returns can also apply for VCW.

“Importers who under-declared or misclassified imports are eligible to apply. Importers of un-cleared or smuggled motor vehicles and motor cycles should also take advantage of the VCW to apply to MRA in order to be considered to take part in the window.

“The Authority is, therefore, encouraging owners of motor vehicles, motor cycles and other goods that were not duly cleared or smuggled into Malawi to take advantage of facility to clear their items through proper Customs procedures while the window is still open,” Kapoloma said. 

ICAM’s attendance was 59 and the secretariat’s Charles Chimpeni expressed gratitude to MRA for the engagement. Other meetings participation averaged 30 participants.

The Government introduced VCW as a relief measure for businesses to counter the impact from COVID-19.

Other sectors expected to be engaged include, banks, SMEs through the Indigenous Businesspersons Association, car importers, cross-border traders, clearing agents under the membership of Clearing and Forwarding Agents Association of Malawi (CAFAAM) and Indigenous Customs and Clearing Forwarding Association (ICAFFA).



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