Police at Chileka urged to support MRA prevent revenue leakages

Police at Chileka urged to support MRA prevent revenue leakages

Police at Chileka International Airport have been urged to tighten security in order to prevent revenue leakages.

The sentiments were made recently by the MRA Station Manager for Chileka Airport, Joseph Mandalasi, during orientation on tax issues for newly recruited police officers stationed at the airport.

Mandalasi said that as security officers based at the airport, MRA expected them to discharge their duties diligently by ensuring that nobody smuggles goods into the country or imports or exports restricted and prohibited goods without following the law.

“There is need for police officers here to understand the processes and procedures pertaining to importation and exportation of goods so that you can effectively seal areas of revenue leakages,’’ said Mandalasi.

At the meeting, MRA drilled the officers on a number of areas including the functions of MRA, uses of taxes, procedures to follow when importing goods into the country, various forms of smuggling and challenges MRA faces when collecting revenue.

In his remarks, the Trainer of Aviation Security, Christopher Samson, stressed the importance of building trust and cooperation between the Malawi Police Service and MRA. He also encouraged the new officers to be proactive and engage the Authority should they need any guidance on revenue matters.

Samson then commended MRA for facilitating at the meeting and assured the Authority that the new officers will use the knowledge gained to tighten security and the airport.

The meeting was attended by 19 new police officers. MRA was represented at the function by Mandalasi, Edgar Mpelepele and Thokozani Chiwaya from the Corporate Affairs Division.

By Edgar Mpelepele.


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