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Demand fiscal receipts

Demand fiscal receipts

The festive season is once again upon us and most people would be buying groceries and other presents to take advantage of various consumer promotions. Most of us do not demand receipts for what we have purchased nor properly check the contents of a fiscal receipt. Statistics indicate that only 9 percent of consumers in Malawi demand receipts.

Much as traders registered for VAT are mandated to issue fiscal receipts after every purchase, it is also your responsibility as a consumer to demand a fiscal receipt whenever you pay for goods and services. A fiscal receipt is a receipt that is issued from an Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD) once a purchase of goods or services has been rendered.

The main objective of using EFDs is to enhance VAT compliance which will ensure maximum revenue collection for the development of Malawi. By demanding a fiscal receipt, it means MRA would receive information of your purchase immediately and VAT registered traders would remit the required amount of VAT. 

Any person, who, after purchasing goods or services, fails to demand and retain a fiscal receipt or fails to report a refusal by a user to issue a fiscal receipt as required by the law, commits an offence and shall be liable to pay three times the tax payable. If you fail to demand a fiscal receipt or fail to report a refusal to issue a fiscal receipt, you are not only committing an offense but you are also paying your tax to a trader instead of remitting to the government.  

It is therefore incumbent upon you as a consumer to not only demand a fiscal receipt but also to check if everything is in order. A fiscal receipt should have the following contents; the name and address of the user; Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN) of the user; MRA fiscal logo; User Identification Number of the fiscal device (UIN); description of supply (goods or services being supplied), quantity and unit price of supplies; tax rate chargeable and total value of the sale; the VAT amount payable; the date and time of issue of the fiscal receipt and the total amount payable inclusive of VAT. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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