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Duty-Free Week

Duty-Free Week

Duty-free Week is a week that has been set aside by the Government to allow Malawian businesses and individuals to import goods whose Value for Duty Purpose (VDP) does not exceed $3, 000, about K2, 460,000 using today’s exchange rates, without paying any duties at the border. This means that importers will not pay Import Duty, Import Excise and Import VAT. However, processing fees of K15,000 will be payable.

This privilege is open to everyone irrespective of the category of importers except for incorporated entities. There are a number of qualifying conditions for clearance of goods during the Duty-Free week. First and foremost, importers will be required to register for taxes and only individuals with Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN) will be eligible to clear goods duty free.

Tax registration is free of charge and importers can register for tax through Msonkho Online on the MRA website www.mra.mw or contact MRA Call Centre on 672 for free, to assist you register for tax and get your TPIN. Importers can also register for taxes at their nearest Domestic Taxes Office.  Secondly, only those goods imported and entered for clearance during the designated week would be eligible for clearance without paying Customs duties. This means that goods imported before and after the Duty-free Week will be charged full duty.   

Thirdly, each individual shall be allowed one-time importation during the Duty-Free Week. No person will be allowed to do multiple clearance of goods. Clearance of goods during the Duty-Free week will be through the use of Customs Procedure Code (CPC) 495. Imported goods shall be cleared using Customs Declaration Form 12 through a Customs Clearing Agent. There will be no requirement for prior approval for the use of CPC 495. 

Please, note that MRA  will announce the dates for the Duty-Free Week. 

Feedback: tax@mra.mw; 0888 958 220; 0888 986 200

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