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“Lisiti Langa” campaign launched

“Lisiti Langa” campaign launched

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) recently launched the “Lisiti Langa” campaign in all the three regions of the country. The campaign was first launched in Blantyre, then Lilongwe and finally in Mzuzu. 

The Lisiti Langa campaign seeks to encourage consumers to demand fiscal receipts every time they purchase taxable goods or services. This follows the introduction of Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) in March 2014 for all registered Value Added Tax (VAT) operators after legal amendments were made to the VAT Act. The changes thus gave MRA the mandate to introduce EFDs as one way of enhancing VAT compliance. 

MRA had observed that some traders were not accounting for VAT paid by consumers by claiming that if they demanded a receipt then the price would be higher, yet the price they quoted was inclusive of VAT. The ‘Lisiti Langa’ campaign is, therefore, intended to advise consumers that they should not be cheated by any trader not to demand a fiscal receipt, as failure to do so will result in the trader pocketing the tax instead of MRA collecting it. 

We would like to remind all Malawians that the tax collected by MRA is used by the Government to carry out various socio–economic development programmes for its citizens. These include the construction of schools, hospitals, roads and bridges. The tax is also used for providing security, justice and salaries for civil servants, among other things. 

Apart from ensuring that VAT is accounted for as explained above, the fiscal receipt also acts as evidence for goods or services purchased. When you buy medicine or an electric item and it is not functioning well, the receipt will enable you to claim your money back or sue the trader for the expired medicine or product you purchased.

In view of this, we urge you to always demand fiscal receipts for any taxable item you purchase. If you are aware of any registered trader(s) who do not use EFDs or issue a fiscal receipt, you should immediately report them to the nearest MRA station. You may also tip MRA by calling our Tip Offs Anonymous Service number 847 for Access, Airtel and TNM subscribers or 80000847 for MTL subscribers. These numbers are for free. Should your tip result in MRA collecting revenue that would have been lost, you would be given a reward. The reward ranges from K5, 000 to a maximum of K500, 000.

 Feedback: tax@mra.mw or 0888958220 or 0999551634.   

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