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Six Key Features of An EFD Receipt

Six Key Features of An EFD Receipt

Registered Value Added Tax (VAT) operators are required by the law to issue a receipt, cash sale or invoice to the customer from the Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD) when taxable items have been supplied. This means that when you, as a consumer has purchased taxable items you are, as explained in our previous article, legally bound to demand an EFD receipt. An EFD fiscal receipt has six key features such as:

  1. One black MRA logo on top of the receipt and several coloured logos of MRA
  2. The name of the seller (VAT operator) with a Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN) and User Identification Number (UIN) and the name of the buyer, for those intending to claim input VAT
  3. List of goods purchased with their descriptions
  4. A list of all goods or services purchased and their prices reflecting the amount of money paid
  5. The total amount plus the VAT paid -these are clearly shown as separate figures
  6. The dates and time when the goods or services were purchased
These features only apply to tax operators who are using Electronic Tax Registers and Electronic Fiscal Printers. VAT Operators using Electronic Signature Devices issue fiscal receipts that have signatures at the bottom of the receipt with a logo beneath and may use their own customized stationary.

In this regard, we would like to advise all consumers that all these features are in a printed form. If the VAT operator doesn’t issue an EFD receipt, you should know that he/she is evading taxes and it is your responsibility to report that trader at any nearest MRA or Police station.
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