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VCW Application

VCW Application

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is implementing a Voluntary Compliance Window (VCW) following a directive from the Malawi Government to relieve taxpayers in response to the outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19). VCW, effective from 8th April to 31st October 2020, allows non-compliant taxpayers to settle their tax obligations without paying penalties, interest or any charges.

Taxpayers can obtain a VCW Application Form from all MRA stations and you can manually fill and submit the forms to any nearest MRA station. The Authority assures all taxpayers that all strict guidelines of Covid-19 pandemic will strictly be followed when manually accessing and submitting the form.

The VCW Application Form can also be accessed from the MRA website www.mra.mw. Completed forms can be uploaded on to the web site or sent to email address: vcw@mra.mw. One may also send the completed form to WhatsApp number 0997222835 or 0997222836.

A successful applicant can pay the tax arrears at once or within an agreed period. One can pay through cash, bank certified cheque, ePayments or bank transfer, mobile banking like MO626 or through mobile money platforms like Mpamba or Airtel Money. Once the tax arrears are paid in full, MRA will waive the penalties, interest or any other charges.

There are several benefits that would accrue to a taxpayer by participating in the window. Such benefits include, paying only the principal amount without penalties, interest or any charges, paying through instalments within an agreed period and avoiding prosecution.

The Authority is warning taxpayers with arrears but fail to take part in the window that MRA will embark on intensive and extensive audits and investigations to net all tax defaulters and smugglers and they will be punished in accordance with tax laws.

Feedback: tax@mra.mw; 0888 986 200, 0888 958 220


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