MRA commended for sensitization on Presumptive Tax

MRA commended for sensitization on Presumptive Tax

Townships in Lilongwe City have commended MRA for sensitizing them on the benefits of Presumptive Tax which they feel will enable them grow their businesses.

These sentiments were echoed by small scale business people in the city when MRA drilled them on how the tax is operated and administered.

Speaking at one of the meetings, Rodrick Rashid, a representative from Chinsapo 2 Market, applauded MRA for engaging them on the tax. He added that the meeting was an opener to them in as far as taxation was concerned and assured the Authority that his constituents will register for Presumptive Tax and enjoy the benefits associated with the tax.

“On behalf of my colleagues, I commend MRA for organizing this meeting. We thought paying taxes was for big businesses but following what MRA has delivered, it is a responsibility for everybody to register. We will exactly do that, said Rashid.

He then encouraged MRA to continue holding such meetings for small scale traders across the country in order to bridge the information and knowledge gaps on taxation.

Speaking earlier, Hlupekile Msyali, Manager Block Management System, encouraged the traders to register for tax as it was the only way they could be recognized by the Government and win more contracts to grow their businesses.

‘’The Government introduced Presumptive Tax to empower Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to participate in public procurement of goods and services. This can only be achieved if you register for tax,’’ she emphasized.

MRA in the month of August 2023 camped in Lilongwe to conduct interface meetings, door to door campaigns and tax clinics on Presumptive Tax where hundreds upon hundreds of SMEs were covered.




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