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What is it?

Electronic Payments, (ePayments), is the process of paying taxes online with immediate update of your tax account through the Authorized Dealer Banks.

The overall objective of ePayments is to ensure real time settlement of tax liabilities at the convenience of both the taxpayer and the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

How To?

In order to use the e-payments service for domestic taxes, you will need  to Sign-Up on the MRA website as below:

1. Log in to www.mra.mw

2. Click on My Tax Online

3. Select Sign Up

4. You will be directed to a Sign-Up page

5. Fill-in relevant information as specified and enter the details such as Name, TPIN, Postal address, e-mail e.t.c. then click Submit.

6. Your application will take 24 hours to be processed.

7. Upon successful registration, you will be able to make payment.

How to make Payments

a).  Domestic Taxes Payments

In order to pay domestic taxes using the service, you will have to do the following:

1. Log in to  www.mra.mw/MyTaxOnline and log in

2. Go to My Tax Online and select “Make Payment”

3. Select tax type (VAT, PAYE etc.)

4. Enter amount to be paid

5. Select preferred bank and likely mode of payment (electronic or manual)

6. Confirm payment application

7. Payment Registration Number (PRN) generated

8. Once payment has been effected by the bank, you will receive an email notification with your payment receipt attached.

             b).  Customs & Excise
• To process Customs declaration there is no need to register for MyTax.

• A payment registration number (PRN) will be automatically generated in ASYCUDA World once a declaration assessment has been completed.

•  You may then pay online or over the counter through a bank of your choice using the PRN

learn more on how to register on Msonkho Online Click Here.

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