Bus operators warned against Smuggling and Conveyance

Bus operators warned against Smuggling and Conveyance

The Malawi Revenue Authority has warned bus operators in the country against engaging in smuggling and conveyance and those caught will severely be punished in line with the Customs & Excise Act.

The warning shots were made by the Head of Corporate Affairs, Steven Kapoloma, recently when he presided over a half-day workshop with bus operators in Lilongwe drawn from across the country.

Kapoloma said that of late MRA has observed that some international bus crew members and those operating from the border areas have been caught with smuggled goods while other were caught for conveying smuggled goods.

On this note he said that the Authority organized the workshop to equip bus operators with information and knowledge of various Customs processes and procedures and enable them comply with the law.

“MRA hasorganized this workshop in order to equip with you with the requisite information and knowledge on Customs processes and procedures that bus operators should follow in order to comply with the law,” said Kapoloma, adding that many bus operators and crew members have already been severely punished for such offences.

At the end of the workshop, bus operators pledged to work closely work with MRA to root out smuggling and conveyance for the common good of the country. They then urged MRA to regularly hold such interface meetings.

The workshop drew operators from the Postal Coach, Matours, Captain Tours, Tatran, SOSOSO, AXA, Ulemu, Link Malawi, Borneo and National bus services.



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