Large Taxpayers Ready for the “Big Bang”

Large Taxpayers Ready for the “Big Bang”

Large taxpayers in the country have been trained on the remaining modules of the Msonkho Online as the Malawi Revenue Authority starts piloting the modules on Monday, 8th May 2023.

Through training workshops that the Authority conducted from 3rd to 5th May 2023 in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu, taxpayers have been equipped with knowledge and skills on how they can navigate through the system and use the modules effectively.

The Authority will pilot fourteen remaining modules at once as a single batch, an approach which has been dubbed “Big Bang”. Among others, the modules include Refunds, Agents Management, Debt Management, Taxpayer Services, Objections & Appeals, Return Filing for Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Withholding Tax.

Speaking on behalf of participants after the Mzuzu workshop, Dolphine Nyirongo from Northern Region Water Board said they are ready to take part in the pilot and they are looking forward to full rollout of the Msonkho Online system.

“Msonkho Online is not new to us since we are already submitting some returns through the system. As MRA is planning to pilot the remaining modules of the system before rolling them out, we are ready to take part.” Nyirongo said.

The Authority will conduct pilot of the remaining modules from 8th May to 2nd June 2023 before rolling the system to the rest of the taxpayers. By end of September this year, the system will be fully operational and any tax service will be sought online.

The Msonkho Online system provides a premier online taxpayer service, where taxpayers can quickly and easily register for tax, file tax return or pay taxes 24/7. Taxpayers can access the system via MRA website www.mra.mw.



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