Inkosi Mbelwa V pledges to support MRA curtail smuggling

Inkosi Mbelwa V pledges to support MRA curtail smuggling

Inkosi Ya Makosi Mbelwa V has pledged his unwavering support to MRA to root out smuggling in his area and beyond. The chief made the remarks recently when a two-man delegation from MRA visited him at his headquarter at Edingeni, Mzimba, to lobby support from the chief to root out smuggling in the area. 

The MRA delegation visited the Inkosi on the day he had arranged for a development meeting with his senior chiefs. The chief .added that he is aware that for a country to achieve meaningful development the people of the land should be patriotic by paying taxes voluntarily. 

In this regard, he assured MRA that he will do everything possible to ensure that no foreigner or local person should smuggle goods into or out the country within his jurisdiction.

He observed that the people who are smuggling goods into Malawi are enemies of development and as such he will ensure that all his subjects should not support smugglers. 

The Inkosi then assured the MRA delegation that he would send warming messages to all people in his area through his senior chiefs and ministers that anybody caught smuggling or aiding smugglers would be punished in accordance with the laws of the land.
‘’Look, you have come at an opportune time because today am meeting some chiefs from my area these people will carry the message further to their subjects. Therefore, be assured that the message will reach every corner of my territory,’’ he said pointing at his chiefs. 

The MRA delegation comprised Skiviner Mlowoka, Manager Customs Enforcement and Mc Hizzal Kawanga, Manager Taxpayer Education. 

The MRA team visited influential chiefs along the border areas such as Katuli, Idrussi, Chiponde and Mtagaluka in the South and Inkosi Mbelwa V, Maulambia and Mponda in the North, among other chiefs in the two regions.

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