MRA conducts Advance Income Tax and Duty Free Week Training Sessions

MRA conducts Advance Income Tax and Duty Free Week Training Sessions

As the Duty-Free Week (DFW) and Advance Income Tax (AIT) inch closer to implementation, the Corporate Affairs Division and the two Revenue Divisions in the first and second week of December 2021 drilled staff and Customs Clearing Agents across the country on Advance Income Tax (AIT)- and Duty-Free Week (DFW).

The main objective of the exercise was to equip members of staff and Customs Clearing Agents working at the border stations with the various processes and procedures relating to the two programmes before implementation.

Opening a meeting and making a presentation for Customs Clearing Agents working at Mwanza border at the Boma, Mc Hizzal Kawanga, Manager Taxpayer Education, assured the participants that MRA was making every effort to ensure that more business people are registered for business and paying their fair share of the taxes due to the Government.

Kawanga stressing a point during presentation on AIT to Customs Clearing Agents

He observed that for many years people have accused MRA for not doing enough to bring more people into the tax net thus making few people shoulder the tax burden.

On this note, he informed the participants that the implementation of AIT and DFW were initiatives that would ensure that only people who are registered for tax enjoy some benefits when importing goods into the country.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Dr Thomson Bwanali, Ralph Banda and Paul Chisuse who led regional teams that conducted internal awareness and training in the North, Centre and South respectively.

At all the meetings, Customs Clearing Agents and staff applauded MRA for the internal awareness and training which they said enabled them to acquire hands on information, knowledge and skills relating to the two programmes and assured MRA that they would apply what they learnt on the two programmes when implemented.



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