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Authorized Economic Operator Programme

Authorized Economic Operator Programme

Last Updated: 17 August, 2022 - Print

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is implementing an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Programme to improve the trade facilitation environment in accordance with obligations including standards of the World Customs Organisation and the World Trade Organisation.

What is the AEO Programme?

The AEO Programme is a Customs to Business partnership that improves trade facilitation and enhances international supply chain security. It promotes certainty and predictability in the global trading environment and can contribute to economic growth.

The programme and its accreditation provides a ‘quality standard’ to indicate an organisation’s bookkeeping and Customs compliance records are of the highest order and that its supply chain security measures meet international standards.

Organisations that can meet the strict requirements to achieve AEO accreditation are entitled to receive high levels of trade facilitation privileges that can greatly assist in decreasing the time and costs of crossing borders.

To become a Classic Authorized Economic Operator

1. A dedicated AEO Client Service Manager to monitor AEO declarations and investigate and clear blocks and inform the AEO representative in the event of a random red lane selection

2. Opportunity for Mutual Recognition benefits where other nations have an AEO program

Who can become an AEO?

The AEO Programme will be open to all entities including small and medium-sized enterprises. This includes importers, exporters, customs agents, warehouse keepers, freight forwarders and transporters.
An entity is can become an accredited AEO and be eligible for the trade facilitation privileges mentioned above if it is able to satisfy all of the necessary requirements related to:

i. Customs Compliance

ii. Supply Chain Security and Safety

iii. Record Keeping

iv. Financial Solvency

The process to become an AEO

The process to achieve AEO accreditation will follow

Trade Facilitation Rights for AEO’s

  1. Pre-Arrival Processing and Clearance
  2. Green Lane Selectivity with a random systems generated red lane selectivity (3% - 8%)
  3. Limited Requirement for Scanning (<20%)
  4. Choice of where physical examinations take place (Traders Premises or the Border)
  5. Expedited Processing and Clearance arrangements (Top of the pile/Front of the queue)
  6. An agreed and individualized Post Release Payment Regime
  7. A 2 yearly Audit with reduced penalties applied in the event of minimal discrepancies
  8. No more than one random site visit per year for supply chain security monitoring purposes
  9. A dedicated AEO Client Service Officer to monitor AEO declarations and investigate and clear blocks and inform the AEO representative in the event of a random red lane selection
  10. Opportunity for Mutual Recognition benefits where other nations have an AEO program

If you are interested in becoming an AEO and require further information, feel free to visit an MRA office near you and obtain the Malawi AEO Guidelines Handbook. You can also visit our website www.mra.mw to download a copy of the guidelines and Expression of Interest Form

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