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Imports by NGOs

Imports by NGOs

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Certain types of goods when imported directly or from bonded warehouses by registered Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), are allowed duty free entry or at reduced duty rates. This is possible through the use of various Customs Procedure Codes (CPCs) which specify the types of goods under a particular CPC.

This may also apply to Trusts and other charitable organizations.

CPC 4000.431/4071.431

Under this CPC, registered NGOs by Council for Non- Governmental Organization in Malawi (CONGOMA) are allowed to import duty free the following items; Foodstuffs, used clothing, used footwear, blankets, soap and toiletries approved by the Commissioner General for free distribution to or for the use of persons in need or distress when imported by charitable organization recognized by the responsible Minister.

CPC 4000.438 (d)/4071.438(d)

Under this CPC NGOs are allowed to import, at concessionary duty rates of 10% import duty and 16.5% VAT, two goods carrying motor vehicles of tariff heading 87.04 in every five years.

CPC 4000.439/4071.439

Under this CPC NGOs are allowed to import, at concessionary duty rate of 10% import duty and 16.5% VAT, one passenger carrying motor vehicle of tariff heading 87.02 in every five years.

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