MRA, ACB sign MOU to fight corruption

MRA, ACB sign MOU to fight corruption

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate and conduct joint operations in areas of common interest to fight corruption. The two parties signed the MOU on 24th May 2022 at Msonkho House in Blantyre.

The MOU seeks to strengthen MRA and ACB’s collaboration in a number of areas including sharing intelligence, joint investigations and prosecutions, exchanging knowledge, implementing education and anti-corruption programmes among other areas.

MRA Commissioner General John Biziwick said the main objective of the MoU is to strengthen the detection, prevention and resolution of fraud and corruption cases among officers and to improve the quality of service delivery at MRA.

“The signing of this MoU will not only benefit MRA and ACB but Malawians as well. Our coordinated efforts in the fight against corruption, fraud and tax evasion crimes would entail sealing of revenue leakage for national development,” Biziwick said.

He further stressed that in pursuant of a corrupt free environment, MRA established an Internal Affairs Division in 2013 to improve staff integrity and detect fraud and corruption cases taking place with the organization.

“It should also be noted that not all MRA officers are corrupt, but only a few individuals who have made MRA to be labelled a corrupt organisation. We are also aware that some of the corruption cases though involving taxes do not involve our officers, but rather stakeholders such as middlemen and agents who demand bribes from their clients in the name of MRA,” he added.

ACB Director General Martha Chizuma said that the MoU is essential because both organizations are committed to the fight against corruption and safeguard tax revenues.

“This MoU will cement the efforts made by both MRA and ACB in making sure that those who would want to abuse public funds collected by MRA are taken keeping in mind that public funds are abused especially at public procurement level,” Chizuma explained.

The MoU became effective on 24th May 2022 and it remains in force until terminated at any time by either party upon giving the other party three months’ prior notice in writing.



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