Whistle-blowers rewarded under Tip-Offs Anonymous

Whistle-blowers rewarded under Tip-Offs Anonymous

Twenty-seven whistle-blowers are set to receive monetary rewards under Tip-Offs Anonymous, a toll-free informant scheme that enables people to report cases of tax fraud, bribery, corruption, tax evasion and smuggling.

Each of the whistle-blowers will receive a reward, ranging from a minimum of 10 percent of the taxes recovered to a maximum of K500, 000. This follows the publication of 27 secret reward numbers which the whistle blowers used when they reported cases of tax fraud.

The secret reward numbers are 55559, 23412, 19300, 04072, 47128, 25052, 01822, 05869, 77777, 33092, 19855, 19845, 13579, 92005, 15112, 19863, 88874, 19875, 55139, 19684 19877, 01972, 72000, 19777, 96154, 72054 and 98541.

“We are pleased to report that management of Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has asked us to pay out rewards for reports that were received through the Tip-Offs Anonymous,” audit firm Deloitte announced in a public notice.

Informants who reported cases of tax fraud and their secret reward numbers have been published are being asked to contact Tip-Offs Anonymous on 847 and 8000 0847, the same toll-free numbers they used when they snitched on fraudsters.

“You will need to give your secret 4 or 5 digit number you put on your report and accurately describe what you wrote in the report you sent,” the public notice further reads.

MRA in conjunction with Deloitte introduced Tip Offs Anonymous Service as one way of eradicating cases of tax fraud, evasion, bribery, smuggling and dishonesty.

Members of the general public who suspect or have proof that tax evasion or smuggling is taking place are required to dial a toll free number 847 for Airtel and TNM subscribers or 80000847 for MTL subscribers.

Informants can also send their tips to the Centre through email address: reportswqm@tip-offs.com or fax to 0182 229. Informants can also send their tips through The Call Centre, P.O Box 1726, Blantyre and no stamp would be required.

When using Tip Offs Anonymous Service, informants are required to give information like the date, time, location, the people involved or the amount of revenue involved. Tips can be in English or Chichewa.

Informants are also required to give a four or five digit number of their choice for their identification. No personal details are required.
Tips are sent to the Centre any time regardless of whether it is a weekend, public holiday or off working hours. Furthermore, the service guarantees independence and objectivity because the rewards are given by Deloitte on behalf of MRA.

By Wadza Otomani


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